New Jersey Deck Installer Kitchen and Bath

Let's face it. You're going to come in contact with your home or business flooring on a daily basis. The type of flooring you choose for each room if your home will have a huge impact on not only the look and feel of each space, but on the amount of work you have to put into cleaning and maintenance as well. Raven Contracting will work with you to choose the perfect flooring type for each room in your home, ensuring you end up with the look you desire.

What Type of Flooring Should I Choose?

That's really up to you. You do have a number of options. The most popular flooring styles include:

• Linoleum
• Vinyl Tile
• Luxury Vinyl
• Vinyl Sheets
• Laminate
• Hardwood

While a lot of people dream of having hardwood floors, they're not necessarily great for households with pets and small children who may cause excessive wear and scratching, causing a need for extra upkeep. Laminate and linoleum, on the other hand, are incredibly durable and are easy to clean.

Some things you'll need to consider as you think about the type of flooring you'd like include:

Your overall budget. Don't let your budget hold you back, though. Tell us what you'd like and we'll let you know if it works financially. If not, we may have a comparable option or substitute you'll like just as much.

The room you're working on. Linoleum or tiles may be great in your bathroom and kitchen
because they're water-resistant and easy to clean; but you may want rug or hardwood in your
bedroom, where you're looking to create a cozy atmosphere.

Your overall décor. If you're looking to create a luxury spa atmosphere, a simple slab of
linoleum may not look as nice as a laminate or tile.

Your sub-flooring, or the floor beneath your surface, isn't always forgiving. For some types of flooring work, you'll have to take up the existing floor while for other types you can just work over top of what already exists.

The geographical climate is important. If you live in an area that is always cold or rainy, you'll need to remember that some types of flooring are less resistant to changes in the climate. This could result in buckling, splintering, bubbling, and other complications.

Don't stress, though. The professionals at Raven Contracting will help you to choose the type of flooring that meets your tastes and suits the functionality of your home. Give us a call to see how we can help!